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B i o g r a p h y

Sam Mabbett and Dylan Cairns-Howarth are a young traditional music duet playing a repertoire that ranges from Ireland to Africa.

 Dylan grew up near Aberystwyth, in west Wales. He has played fiddle since he was 5; at 12, the Hurdy-Gurdy and; somewhere between 15 and 17, the guitar. He plays Irish tunes in pub sessions whenever he gets the chance, traditional Welsh tunes for the local parti dawns (Welsh dance group), French tunes for the local fez nos (French dance). He is current Junior Welsh Celtic Fiddle Champion (2 years running) and Musician of the Festival at Cwlwm Celtaidd, Porthcawl.

   Sam is an ace diatonic accordionist from Darkest Morris Land (Didcot in Oxfordshire). Sam is one of those who'll play anything you throw it him; his current project being the whistle (after succeeding with the bagpipes and bassoon). He is, impressively, juggling gigs as a member of Flute Street, Juice, and the Ship Band, despite constantly crawling with Rockhopper Morris.

  The two met at Folkworks in Durham and met up again at Bromyard Folk Festival the same year. Together they decided to join NYFTE, the National Youth Folk Troupe of England, where they learned more about the English tradition of music and dance.


Sam plays Diatonic Accordions by Serafini, a Violin by Tim Phillips, a set of border bagpipes (G) by Jon Swayne, and a D whistle by Phil Bleazey.


Dylan plays Violins by Tim Phillips, an Alto Hurdy-Gurdy by Philippe Mousnier, and a Freshman guitar.

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